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Avon Leadership program
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The Leadership Program

Are you in the leadership program? Would you like to be? Then this section is for you! What are some of the benefits of the leadership program? Is there really any money to be made? The answer is YES! And it's easy to get started!

How do I join leadership?

Simple! Just tell everyone you know about how much you LOVE selling Avon! And ask, would YOU be interested in selling Avon too? If people see how well you are doing, they will want a piece of the pie! You can also tell helpers that they could have saved $$$ on their orders, if they sold Avon themselves! Tell any customer who spends over $50 about the Avon earnings opportunity! When you find someone who wants to take advantage of what Avon has to offer, just call the leadership hotline, or your DM! Remember to choose leadership as your reward! *** Be careful, because sometimes DM's will offer you a prize such as luggage, $20, or another prize, for finding them someone who wants to sell Avon! Don't do it! Recruit that person yourself! If you let the DM just give you a prize, she gets the recruit, and rewards herself. Just choose leadership!


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